Our office has over 700 frames on display for you to choose from. The selection includes designer, brand name and generic frames to make your choice easy. You can visit at anytime to choose your glasses, no appointment necessary. Our optical staff is well-known for their expertise in custom-fitting eyewear and lenses to any face shape and fashion demand! We can help guide you through the process of choosing the nicest glasses for your needs. We gauge our success by the compliments you receive on your new frames and sunglasses! Service afterwards is equally as important and adjustments can be done at anytime for free.

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Contact Lenses:

We deal with contact lenses on a daily basis. Contact lenses are manufactured for all eye conditions including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. We have thousands of lenses in the office to demonstrate to you what they would be like. From children who want to participate in sports but cannot due to their glasses, to seniors who want to be able to read a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, to adults who just want a break from their driving or reading glasses, contact lenses can now be custom-designed to fit almost anyone. We deal with all of Canada’s contact lens suppliers. With their wide variety of lenses there is likely one sort for you. Should you be interested in trying contact lenses to correct your vision, call to schedule an appointment to try them on. If you are interested, ask us for what is possible.

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